E365 Analytics® is a platform independent web application. The service is a powerful decision support for efficient and cost-effective maintenance for our customers. Using the service requires an internet connection. The service is tailored to each customer, and data is available in real time via computers, tablets and mobile phones.

Below you’ll find a description on how the service works and what results you can expect.


Data generation

Our service is based on the measurement and maintenance data already available to our customers. No investments required for new measuring stations or different kinds of sensors.

Data acquisition

The first step is to ensure access to all measurement and maintenance data, both historical data and real-time data. Our service gathers and manages data and information in different formats and structures.

Data integration

In this step, data is integrated from relevant sensors and protocols. Linkages and relationships between data and information are made. The information is structured to be analysed.

Data processing

Next comes validation, as all information should be linked to, for example, locomotives, wagons, axles, wheels, and components. Using advanced algorithms, we filter measurement errors and noise in all data and information.

Data analysis

Statistics and time series are analysed and compared with the maintenance and saftey levels. We forecast remaining useful life (RUL) and the need for preventive maintenance.

Maintenance operations are synchronized and optimized. Everything happens in real time and updates occur as new data comes in.

Data visualization

The data that appears in the analysis is visualized according to customer specification, what the customer wants to see and how it should be presented so that it best suits the organization’s needs. The visualization (of the results) occurs in real time, and means that the customer constantly has access to accurate (updated) information.

Decision making

As our customer, you have a powerful decision support tool for planning and control of maintenance related to remaining useful lifetime (RUL). You get a maintenance strategy that increases reliability, availability and profitability.

Expected results

-Increased reliability and availability

-Reduced capital expenditures (CAPEX)

-Decreased maintenance costs (OPEX)



Read about eMaintenance365 AB in “Ny Teknik”

The respected Swedish engineering magazine "Ny Teknik" have made a reportage about eMaintenace365. The reporter interviewed one of the company's founder, Prof. Ramin Karim.

The article is titled ”Big Data predicts the need for maintenance”, and describes how eMaintenace365 is working to help customers to see into the future.

The article is in Swedish, and You can read the full story in the link:



eMaintenance365 has been selected

eMaintenance365 has been selected as one of Sweden top 33 start-ups with the potential to be tomorrow’s stock market giants.

eMaintenance365 has been selected as one of Sweden top 33 start-ups with the potential to be tomorrow’s stock market giants.

Two of the leading and most respected journals in technology and business, “Ny Teknik” and “Affärsvärlden”, appoints every year the 33 hottest technology companies in Sweden, and which is considered to have the potential to become tomorrow’s successful companies.

It’s a great honor for eMaintenance365 to be one of the companies on “33-listan”. It’s proof that the company is on the cutting edge in the field of ”Industry 4.0” and it is very encouraging and stimulated for the company’s continued development.

For more information:  http://www.nyteknik.se/startup/33-listan/emaintenance-365-analyser-i-molnet-klipper-kostnader-at-industrin-6838686


eMaintenance365 AB is investing internationally, launch subsidiary in Australia

eMaintenace365 AB has formed a subsidiary in Australia. It is part of the company's international efforts. The company has its focus on Europe but has recently stepped up sales efforts in Australia.

Australia is a market with many world-leading industries mainly in mineral and mining industry. eMaintenace365 AB has since about 1 year back engaged in sales activity in the country and established contacts with several major players in the mining industry. The formation of the Australian subsidiary, eMaintenance365 Australia Pty. Ltd., is a step in further strengthening the venture in Australia.

”We have come a long way in our sales work and assesses the degree of maturity is high in Australia for the kind of high-tech services that we offer. While we have our focus on the domestic market, and sees a positive development here, Australia is the market that perhaps has the greatest growth potential in the current situation, ”said the company’s CEO, Bengt Jonsson.

”We have a positive development in the company with huge potential, both nationally and internationally. We see that the demand for our services is increasing in many different industrial sectors. Our goal is to be strong on our home market, and in addition it is Australia and the rest of Europe that we focus on. The scope is at present the rail sector, but even here there is a widening, especially against the heavy process industry, says Lars-Eric Aaro is Chairman of eMaintenance365 AB.